About Us

Melbourne 2014 Koniferedi Committee meeting with the Executive Committee to discuss Koniferedi programme – Melbourne Fijian Uniting Church, Chadstone, November 2013

We welcome visitors to the website of the Fijian Conference of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA Fijian National Conference).

We are members of Fijian churches that have been established in most major cities in Australia, and most of which are affiliated with the Uniting Church. The website is set up for our member churches and individuals to share information in with each other and their wider community. However, if you as a visitor, are curious about what we do, you could learn more by navigating to other pages. Or you could attend one of our churches in the city that you are in. Slide across the page to the links.


Ni talanoa mada mai, se taro mai - tell us a story, or ask a question.